Now that the electronics are assembled and the software is loaded it is time to assemble the electronics all into the body. The STL files for the body and all of the parts are available for download {here}. I printed all of these parts on a replicator 2 3D printer. I used a white filament to print all of the parts and then painted them the correct colors. Feel free to print the parts using the correct color filament to avoid painting the parts later. For the arms and legs I used a {enter size} corrugated plastic tube. The legs are supported with a {enter size} wooden dowel cut to {enter size} length. The legs are fastened to the body and the feet using {enter size} wood screws and super glued to provide a stronger attachment.

{enter picture of legs}

The standoffs inside the body that will support the electronics need to be tapped so that the screw attaching the board can be attached to the body. I was able to purchase a hand tool from {Amazon} for tapping screws

The speaker and LED eyes are hot glued in place in the body and the electronics are attached to the standoffs. The wave shield will need to have the volume knob removed from the board in order to put it inside the body. Make sure before the knob is removed that the volume is turned up to its maximum level. The activation switch is attached to the back plate and the wires for the switch are attached to the shield.

The rest of the body parts are glued in place and the power pack is placed in the area below the electronic assembly. Make sure that the power switch of the power pack is lined up with the hole in back plate so that you are able to turn on and off the figure without having to remove the back plate. Before attaching the back plate power on the electronics and make sure that everything is working properly. If something is not working properly go back and verify that you made all of the proper connections and the arduino and the shield are properly attached. Once you verify that the electronics are working properly go ahead and attach the back plate. Enjoy your new action figure!