Captain Rex RX-24 Build Part 6: Priming and Painting 3D Printed Parts

Hi Everyone! today I wanted to give a quick update on my Captain Rex build. I have been working on priming the 3D printed parts and painting them. Please check out the video below to see my progress so far.

In order to prime the parts, I like to use Rust-Oleum filler and sandable primer. It is great for filling in the fine lines that you get when 3D printing. I usually go through a couple of sanding and priming iterations until I get a surface texture that I am happy with.

Once I was done priming the parts I used several colors and tried to match as closely as possible to the real Captain Rex. For the silver and blue colors, I used Rust-Oleum Steel and Cobalt Blue spray paints. These are the same colors that I am using for my R2-D2 build. For his face I used Rust-Oleum Rose Gold metallic spray paint. This color looked like it gave the correct amount of brass/gold color that I wanted.

I still have some parts to finish priming and painting, hopefully I will be able to complete all the painting by the end of the week. I will then start on adding in all of the electronics and servo motors. If you would like to keep up to date on the progress of my Captain Rex build and my other project please subscribe to my youtube channel.

Captain Rex Build Part 5: Top Body and Arm Design in Fusion 360

Hi Everyone! I posted a quick update video on my Captain Rex build. In this video I walk through my current progress on the design of the top portion of his body and his top most arm. Please check out the video below to see the full model.

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R2-D2 Build Update - Skins added

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I spent mine mostly working on my R2-D2 build and wanted to give an update on my progress so far. My main focus was to complete the skins for my R2-D2. I laser cut the skins at a local makerspace and did a little bit of finishing work. below are some picture of the laser cut skins and the inner skins attached to the R2-D2 frame.

I hope to add another update soon for the lights assembly for the R2-D2 dome. Stay tuned!

Captain Rex Build Part 4: Making Things Move

In this Captain Rex build video I show the preliminary 3D printed model of my Captain Rex head and servo motions of my visor. The model was 3D printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2 and fastened together mechanically using screws. a high torque servo was installed to generate the motion of the visor and a bearing bracket was used on the opposite side to allow for smooth motion.

Parts List:

  1. High Torque Servo
  2. Bearing Bracket
  3. Shaft

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Captain Rex Build Part 3: Captain Rex Version 2

In this build update video I walk through my new and improved Captain Rex 3D model. The entire model was designed using Fusion 360 and modified to allow for 3D printing on a Makerbot Replicator 2. Don't forget to checkout and subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay up to date on my Captain Rex build and all of the other projects I am working on.