This is part one in a four part tutorial on building a line following robot. Part one focuses on the design goals for the line following robot and also the flow of the hardware and software for the robot.

 Before building any hardware it is good practice to define the design goals for our project and layout the flow for both the hardware and software. For this project, we would like the robot to follow the line and stop when the line ends. The hardware consists of a left and right IR sensor to sense the line, a microcontroller to interpret the signals from the sensors and a motor driver and motors to move the robot.

The software inside the microcontroller begins by reading the signals from the sensors, determining the state of each sensor and taking the appropriate action. The four actions that the robot can take are to go straight, turn left, turn right and stop. The flow charts for the hardware and software as well as the design goals for our project can be found in the link below.

In part 2 of the tutorial, we will choose the parts for our line following robot and assemble it. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to catch the next part of the tutorial.